Corporate Mission
No limit. Only the horizon of your goals.

Novarent has always streamlined, organised, rationalised and simplified the work of companies because it acts on the market with renewed energies. Our aerial platforms rental and sales service is born out of the synergy of technical know-how and management skills to provide our customer with a consistently excellent service.

Anyone who looks at Novarent knows that rental plays an important role in job site management and industrial and corporate maintenance because rental is simply outsourcing.

Outsourcing conceived in the field, based on the actual needs of your production situation, starting from the technical staff that is always at the customer’s disposal.
Listening as a platform for excellent service, always made-to-measure and ready to simplify corporate operations.

For all intents and purposes, Novarent Srl becomes a reliable partner; a safe platform on which to organise and schedule your production operations.