Why choose Novarent?
Exceed the limits in complete safety.

Those who choose Novarent services follow a real organisational strategy capable of simplifying job site dynamics, industrial maintenance and corporate maintenance, increasing the safety and efficiency of your production organisations.

Safety and flexible times. Our rental system lets you select latest generation machinery that is always from the best brands, opting for long or short periods, depending on your needs.

Safety and easy transport. Novarent guarantees detailed information on the use and actual performance of the machinery, transporting the selected machinery to your site with company vehicles.

Safe and reliable technical support service. Technical support service within 24 hours on the job site with our highly qualified technicians, workshop service even for your vehicles, compliance with safety standards in accordance with Legislative Decree 81/2008, periodic checks in accordance with legislative decree 81/2008, Art. 71, subsection 11: these are just a few of the advantages Novarent offers its customers.

Safety in a qualified training curriculum. The training courses for PLE operators are another instrument that makes our company organisation a complete service for the company and the industry.